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There are many different exciting and fun little indoor adventures for kids that can be had indoors. Things such as laser-tag, indoor rock-climbing, trampoline attractions, arcades, indoor water parks, and indoor glow-in-the-dark mini-golf. There are plenty of these types of attractions out there, just look into what is available in your area. 

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These types of indoor adventures for kids can be saved as a means to reward children for an accomplishment, good behaviour, consistently completing chores well and on-time; a reward for the behaviours which are rarely reinforced. 

Indoor Adventures As Positive Reinforcement

Kwicare Indoor Adventure Make Believe Kids ChildrenUsing such exciting indoor adventures for kids as a means to reinforce behaviours which are so important to a child’s development into a functioning, ambitious, educated, well-groomed and generally successful adult is a great idea. Springing such an activity as a surprise during a rainy day is an effective way to reward your child or the children that you work with for their regular good behaviour.

Make sure the child or children know exactly what they are being rewarded for – and if it is a group of children you are looking after, come up with a viable justification for the reward; you might as well use the opportunity to try to establish the concept that good behaviours come with good outcomes. If behaviour is not good but not bad, make sure to highlight what is good about the behaviour, and claim the activity is a reward for that, but mention that they might not be able to do some other indoor adventure – for example: “we were thinking about doing the waterpark next time, but I don’t know if we will be able to if you guys don’t start saying please and thank you” – and specifically mention a behavioural goal which is both realistic and easy to appraise whether it has been achieved or not. 

Using Indoor Adventures For Kids To Reinforce Good Behaviour

Kwicare Indoor Adventure Make Believe Kids Children

Doing this will allow you to work on specific aspects of behaviour to start, then once cooperation is established, those behavioural expectations can become more broadly applied and modified. This can work for virtually any activity that would be considered a ‘treat’ and indoor adventures are especially well-suited as a behavioural reward. Make sure there is no schedule for the activity anticipated as a reward for achieving the next behaviour goal – they should understand that they will get to do the ‘treat’ activity the next available opportunity following their establishment of consistent, satisfactory behaviour. If you do implement this, it is essential that you do actually provide them with the promised activity within a reasonable amount of time once the behaviour has improved.

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