Outdoor Activities For Kids In London

Outdoor activities for kids in London can be difficult to find, and yet is an essential part of children’s development, growth, and is a source of joy, but where do you start? Keeping a child’s hands and mind busy, learning, and growing requires both challenge and encouragement.

Children Playing Football Outdoors in London

The satisfaction of developing a physical skill is something that kids enjoy and benefit from. Studies show that even very young children experience pleasure thanks to the neurochemical reinforcement associated with the development of a new skill, such as the ability to throw a ball, skating, shooting a basket, or simply playing tag (by the way, did you know that TAG is an acronym for ‘touch and go’?).

What this means is that your child’s feelings of joy and accomplishment are greatly activated and enhanced by learning new skills, games, and exercises; outdoor activities for kids in London helps to improve not only your child’s physical health but also their emotional and mental health.

Creating or finding the right environment to accommodate physical play, sports or something of the like, is absolutely essential – the benefits will be almost immediately apparent. Children of all ages, up to adulthood and beyond, can benefit from something such as a team sport. For children, an average of 1 hour of this type of activity per day is best.

Children in childcare hold hands outdoors

A great way for children to get a good amount of physical activity while living in London is to start playing in an organised sports league or association. There are many different leagues available. Some good resources to find organized sports and fun outdoor activities for kids in London include:

For less organized physical activity, try taking a walk through your local park, or discover a nearby playground. Beaches are a good destination which also accommodates physical activity.

Some more general ideas to get the blood moving for younger kids include a game of Simon Says, tag, hot potato, or a scavenger hunt. Duck, Duck, Goose can be a good means to get some energy out for kids at a park, just as can hula hoop, jump rope, hide and seek, hopscotch and many other simple yet fun games that can be played at a nearby park, playground, beach or other public space. If you are indoors, try musical chairs, games like twister, or throw-and-catch games with a light foam ball.

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