Childcare Options for Parents: Working out what’s best for you

Finding the right childcare provider is more than just making sure your child is watched over while you are at work.

Those early years are an important learning period for any child, as we all know. They need to be exposed to the right environment and start making friends and building bonds with other people apart from you and your family.

Getting your childcare right is very important. Here are just some of the options you can choose between:

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What to Ask a Childminder or Other Home-Based Educator?

Finding a great childminder is a priority for many parents, particularly where both work. Making sure that you choose the right business or individual to look after your child is something we all worry about.

Whether you are choosing a home-based childminder, picking a nursery or want to employ a nanny, asking a few important questions can help you make up your mind.

Here’s our list of top questions to ask your childminder before you hand over your child:

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Government Childcare Funding Schemes

With both partners or single parents working nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly important to get good childcare. Early Years Education is vital for a child’s future development. Finding someone suitable, who understands what your child needs to learn and who can keep them safe is vital.

On top of that, however, one of the biggest challenges parents face is how to afford decent childcare in the first place.

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What is a Childminder?

  • Childminders are professionally qualified individuals who provide home-based care for young children.
  • They operate as a business and generally cater for more than one child at a time from different families (although there is a cap on the number of children they can take at any one time).
  • Childminders deliver preschool and early years education.
  • Because of this, they are monitored by Ofsted in England and other governing bodies across the rest of the UK.

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